High quality quad exponential VCA with 3 summed outputs

VC Amp Mix is a 4-in-1 mixer, where every channel comprises an VCA with exponential control characteristics.

Additionally, every VCA has it´s individual output, so they can be used as individual VCA´s.

The module comprises group outputs for channel 1+2 and channel 3+4 and an AUX-input, which will be summed to the master output unity gain in order to expand the mixing capabilities of this module.

If no CV is plugged in, every knob is controling the level for it´s corresponding mixer channel. If a CV is plugged in, the knobs are functioning as attenuators for the CV signal.

Since it is difficult in these times with the acquisition of parts, we ask you if you are interested in the VC-AMP-MIX to order the module at your dealer of confidence in advance. So we can better calculate how many we can build and thereby eliminate longer waiting times.