Modular Case

The ACL Modular case is a lightweight and solid design, built with flexibility and performance in mind. It's easy to dismiss the case as an afterthought, but a bad design can be the difference between having an ergonomic system that protects your equipment and offers the layout flexibility you want... or... not those things.

Within our case, four hexagonal power distribution boards are mounted on stable spacers at regular intervals, ensuring an even distribution of modules between them, bringing the overall design closer to the ideal layout, allowing consistent power and grounding between modules and, thus, consistent performance.
To allow space for deeper modules and to reduce the risk of electromagnetic interference, the PSU is mounted on the outside of the case - either behind it (for vertical configurations) or under it (for desktop setups).
There is even the possibility to make low-impedance ground connections between cases, allowing ever more flexibility and room for expansion, yet without introducing power supply issues that could affect the sound.
The overall build is also designed to be rugged and convenient to use in a variety of spaces.

In the end, the case might not feel like the sexiest part of your modular setup, and it's easy to splash your cash on another oscillator or filter module instead, but the case is the home and heart of your modular system, and you will be grateful for having a strong base from which to build.