Pan Mix

Pan Mix

Pan Mix is an expandable solution to two simple problems: How can I manipulate multiple audio sources in the stereo field with minimal fuss? What happens if the number of audio sources increases?

Sometimes you don′t know you need something until you need it. And so it was when we built our acclaimed stereo-focused System 1. This dual-oscillator system can pump out 10 simultaneous waveforms… so up to 10 mono audio sources, even before you add the Dual Delay and other modules.

So we soon realised that it′s all very well having huge potential for dynamic and evolving stereo patches, but you need a simple, expandable way to mix, pan and balance them in the stereo field. And, those of us with additional instruments and kit need an easy way to combine and mix our sexy stereo patches with the rest of our gear.

What we need is Pan Mix.

Side-to-side and up-and-down

The connections and controls couldn′t be simpler. Four inputs let you combine four mono sources, two stereo sources, or one stereo and two mono sources, or more (for more, scroll down).

3U Eurorack module, 12 HP wide, compatible with Skiff cases

Current Draw:

  • +12V: ca. 42mA
  • -12V: ca. 42mA
  • 0 mA 5V

Installation depth:

  • 22 mm deep

Each input lets you pan the signal left and right and control the signal level (with about 1.5dB of signal gain beyond 1).

Then comes Pan Mix′s ace-in-the-hole, an Aux input. This takes a stereo input and adds it (at unity gain) to the output. You can cascade as many Pan Mix modules as you like, creating a versatile and expandable mixer that grows with your needs. And the Aux can also be used to integrate other modular racks or external instruments and effects.

Dare to mix different

Pan Mix is a simple module with a simple purpose, but there are always creative ways to use it. Its four mono plus stereo auxiliary inputs can be pressed into service as independent mono summing mixers too, so you might use it for 2x 3-into-1 mono summing, or 1x 2-into-1 and 1x 4-into-1, or a single 5-into-1 (with various possibilities for the other mono path).

And these are just the options with a single, un-cascaded Pan Mix in your rack…

And that’s it…

In the end, what Pan Mix lacks in the ‘imaginative name’ stakes, it more than makes up for in the ‘really damn useful’ and ‘surprisingly versatile’ realms.

For pre-orders, please contact one of the retailers listed on our website!